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The Instructional Services office is responsible for the district's instructional program and those aspects of district operations that support the program. The two largest aspects are program development and staffing.
The key to any good instructional program is hiring and keeping highly qualified professionals to carry out the program in each of our classrooms. The hiring of professional staff, except administrators, is done through this office. Jobs are posted internally and advertised externally through print media, college placement offices and on our website. Applicants are screened and invited to interviews.  Upon completion of reference checks, positions are offered to the most highly qualified candidates who also possess a good fit with the district.

Staff development is an on-going dimension of maintaining and keeping an excellent teaching staff. We strive to ensure our staff has access to proven strategies and training which will make their efforts successful with our entire student population.

Program development is on-going in the district; both in response to changing expectations from New York State, and the needs of our students in meeting those expectations. The district has a written curriculum in all areas of instruction which is reflective of both Common Core Learning Standards for student achievement, and locally developed goals for student learning. Calendar-based Curriculum Mapping is a multi-year initiative which is rendering our written curriculum into its most accessible format.

Assessment is an important function of this office, as it provides the district and individual teachers valuable information about the program success and our effectiveness with our students. We carefully monitor and analyze the information provided through assessments to improve both program and instruction.

Federal and state grants provide some financial assistance to the district for personnel. This office oversees the development and implementation of these grants annually.

Technology is an important aspect of the teacher's and student's tool kit. We believe technology can be a valuable asset in the classroom and as an extension of the classroom and, therefore, have invested in our district’s future by maximizing the availability of technology as a teaching and learning tool.

Michael Eiffe, Assistant Superintendent for Instructional Services
Patricia Wieczorek, Secretary

Telephone: 315-687-2854

Michael A Schiedo, Superintendent
Chittenango Central School District
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Phone: (315) 687-2840

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