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Technology Education - Mr. Dziedzic

Technology Education includes a body of knowledge separate from, but related to the sciences with specific certification requirements. It is the application of tools, materials, processes, and systems to solve problems and provide benefits to humans and society. Technology Education has progressed from Industrial Arts, which was focused on tool and machine skills and craftsmanship, to that of teaching all students engineering “habits of mind.” This includes teaching students the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to understand and apply engineering concepts, including the engineering design process, systems, and the impact of technology on society. While the relationship between science and technology is symbiotic, the ultimate goal of Technology Education is to foster technological literacy.

Instructor: Mr. Dziedzic

A.S. Computer Science
M.S.E. Technology Education

NYS Permanent Certifications:
Technology Education
School District Administration

Contact Information:
Phone: 315-687-2800
School News
From States to the Worlds From States to the Worlds:   Micah Alpuerto and Nicholas Jenner competed in the “VEX IQ Northern NYS Championship” held at the MOST in Syracuse, NY. Schools from Syracuse, Rochester and the Niagara area were there to compete for the chance to go to “Worlds”. Micah and Nicholas started off slow with an 11th place start in the “Team Competition” but with four other competitions left, they focused and with precision driving and excellent use of their controller they jumped into ... more >>
#otherpeoplematter #otherpeoplematter: The Chain Reaction Club (FOR Club) at the Middle School is hard at work getting the canvas bags ready for the Sullivan Food Cupboard. We have chosen #otherpeoplematter as the bag theme for this year to coincide with our Positivity Project.  Many thanks to the Chittenango Teachers Association for donating the bags!  Once the food drive is over, both Chain Reaction Club members and Student Council members bag up the donations for the food cupboard. Our hope is that families in our community ... more >>
CMS Rockets Rock! CMS Rockets Rock!: Congratulations to the three CMS teams that participated in the CNY Rocket Challenge this past June. The teams built and painted the rockets, designed an Egg-stronaut compartment and predicted the highest altitude that their rockets would reach. The contest is sponsored, in part, by the MOST and the Syracuse Rocket Club and is free for the students to participate in. Nice work to all of the teams and a big thank you to all of the families for their support! Pictured: The 8th grade team ... more >>

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