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Chittenango School District 
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The Chittenango art curriculum is aligned with the current New York State Standards for Learning. These standards are
  • creating, performing and participating in the arts
  • knowing and using arts materials and resources
  • responding to and analyzing works of art
  • understanding the cultural dimensions and contributions of the arts


The elementary students take art for 40 minutes on a six day rotation schedule.

The focus of their program is on creating art , understanding art and artists, and valuing art. Students will learn to use various resources and art materials to create art. They will respond to a variety of materials from artists of all cultures. They will use different media and explore ideas incorporating the elements of art (line, shape, color, texture, size). The students will acquire knowledge of the principles of design, techniques and style while using different media and tools.

They will deal with the critical process of naming and analyzing, interpreting and evaluating their art. They will come to understand and value the artistic contributions of cultural differences that shape a society.

Middle School

The middle school curriculum builds on previous knowledge of the elements and principles of art and design.

Sixth graders will spend 20 weeks on five units of study: drawing, painting, ceramics and sculpture, art criticism, and art research.

In seventh and eighth grade realism becomes very important as their ability to discern abstract from reality develops. There is an emphasis on art history, career orientation and technique and skill development.

High School

A one year credit in art or music is a requirement for a New York State Regents diploma.

Students must take Studio in Art as a pre-requisite to all other courses. This course covers drawing and painting, ceramics and sculpture and computer graphics with an emphasis on color theory, art history and art criticism.

Upper level art courses include Drawing & Painting I and II, Advanced Art, Ceramics & Sculpture I and II, Computer Graphics, and Photography. These courses, all electives, focus on building a portfolio of work which may lead to acceptance in a college level art program and subsequently, a professional career in art.

Allison Komanecky, Chairperson
Chittenango High School

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