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Chittenango School District 
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Welcome to the World of
Seventh Grade ELA

Mr. Meyers or 687-2800


Schedule for the week of 9/25-9/29
-Hand in homework (Names/Nombres handouts and Making Inferences packet)
-Set up
-Vocabulary Cards (orginal sentences with pictures)
-Flocabulary Video with notes (Author's Purpose)
-Author's Purpose MC activity and writing activity
-Library Orientation

-Nacrima Essay

-Nacrima Essay

Schedule for the week of 9/18-9/22
-Review Conflict and Cause an Effect activities for the story "Thank You M'am"
-Cover Coordinating Conjunctions and Compound Subjects and Predicates
-Video of "Thank You M'am"

-Test on "Thank You M'am" by Langston Hughes
-Students who finish the test ahead of time will start our next story, "Names/Nombres"

-New Kid in School opening activity
-Connect To Your Life and Key to the Essay activities
-Compare and Contrast mini-lesson

-Context Clues mini-activity
-Use Context Clues to understand "Names/Nombres" vocabulary
-Define/Identify the definition of Author's Purpose
-Begin reading and listening to "Names/Nombres"

-Field Trip

Mr. Meyers' ELA Class

The Language Arts curriculum requires that students cover various elements of the English Language Arts (ELA) Standards known as The Common Core. Each week will focus on a different aspect of the standards. The following activities will be focused on throughout the year:

    • Essay writing: literature, persuasive, synthesis
    • Reading Skills that are aligned with the Common Core State Standards
    • Spelling, vocabulary, grammar
    • Novels



    • Most written assignments can be handed in late (within 3 days) but each day points are deducted.
    • After school and lunch detention will be given to complete owed work.



The grading is as follows: Tests 30%, Quizzes 20%, Classwork 15%, Projects 15%, Homework 20%



-Students are expected to be on time and in your seat ready to work when the bell rings.

-Students are expected to be prepared for class including: agenda, binder, paper, pen/pencil, and homework. 

-Students are expected to act positively in class so they do not disrupt my teaching or the other students’ learning.

-Students are expected to follow all other rules in the Student Handbook.


“If your behavior negatively affects my teaching or somebody’s learning, it is against the rules.”

-Mr. Meyers



The school phone number is 687-2800. My email is

Helpful Links: - Fun ELA games (Word Category games are Mr. Meyers' favorite) - All your dictionary questions answered here - Great online site for formatting and grammar


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