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Chittenango School District 
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Mrs. Mou's Home & Career Skills
  7th Grade
(315) 687-2800
What is Home & Career Skills?
Home & Career Skills is a NYS-mandated course taught in middle schools. Every student must complete 3/4 unit course in Home & Career Skills by the end of 8th Grade. The course is designed to prepare students to meet their present and future responsibilities as both a family and community member, consumer, home manager and wage earner.

Home & Career Skills is organized into Four Process Skills (the hows of learning) -

communication, leadership, management and thinking.

There are 10 Content Topics (the what of learning). Seven are covered in 7th Grade - clothing management, community connections, consumer resource management, family/parenting, human development, interpersonal relationships, nutrition & wellness.

Major Projects Include:

Life Road Map
Fruit/Vegetable Brochure
Fast Food Fats - Group Project
Button Ornament
Nine-Patch Pillow

(Click here for supply list)
Cool Game Websites:

Some great websites:
Apple Pie.doc
Apple Pizza.doc
Blueberry Muffins.doc
Buttermilk Pancakes.doc
Chicken Quesadilla.doc
Chocolate Chip Cookies.doc
Corn Bread.doc
Monkey Bread.doc
Sweet Applesauce Gingerbread.doc
Vegetable Stir Fry.doc

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