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Many colleges require students to take a standardized test for admissions. The SAT and ACT are two standardized tests that students should take at the end of the junior year. Even if a student is unsure of his/her plans after high school, it is best to take the SAT and/or ACT.

The SAT and ACT tests are designed to measure a student's ability do to college level work. By having a standard score for all students, colleges can compare students of different educational backgrounds. It is important to keep in mind however, that the most important factor in a student's admission status is the grades the student received throughout high school and the rigor of the coursework taken in high school.

SAT I-Measures verbal and mathematical aptitudes and includes an essay. Chittenango is not a test site but neighboring Fayetteville-Manlius and East Syracuse Minoa schools are. Students must register 5 weeks prior to the test date. Students can pick up a registration form in the Counseling Center or register online at

SAT II-Subject Tests-Many selective colleges require two to three subject tests for admission. These tests are one hour long and measure a student's knowledge of a specific subject. Tests are given in Math, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, US History, World History, Writing, Literature, Spanish and French. Students cannot take the SAT I and SAT II tests on the same test day.

PSAT-Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test - Serves as a practice for the SAT. This practice test is given at Chittenango in October. These scores are not reported to colleges and will help the student see where he/she needs to improve when it comes time to take the SAT. Counselors are in classrooms 4 weeks prior to the test and students can sign up in the Counseling Center to take the PSAT. PSAT scores are used as qualifiers for the National Merit Scholarship Program.

ACT - The ACT is given at Chittenango High School in October and June. It consists of tests in English, Mathematics, Reading and Science Reasoning and there is an optional writing section. Students may pick up a registration form in the Counseling Center or register online at

A suggested timetable for standardized testing is listed below:


PSAT Oct. of junior year (students may take in grade 10 also)
ACT June of junior year
SAT I May of junior year
SAT II June of junior year (if needed)

The student may repeat the ACT in October of his/her senior year, the SAT in October or November, and SAT II in November or December of his/her senior year. For more specific information students should talk to their counselor.


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