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Chittenango School District 
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The Science Department at Chittenango High School is dedicated to the success of our students. Currently there are 10 science faculty members on staff at the High School. The goal of our science faculty is to teach and train students to be successful learners;to add to their body of knowledge and art through research, scholarship, and creative activity. There are several reasons students may wish to choose science as a core sequence for graduation. One advantage offered by the Program is we continue to update our course selections. Students are given the opportunity to take Advanced Placements courses in Biology, and Physics. We offer an Environmental Science course in cooperation with The S.U.N.Y School of Environmental Science. This course allows students to earn college credit. We also offer Environmental Science and core Chemistry classes for students who do not wish to take advanced courses, yet still want to take a science class. These course offerings are all in addition to the tradition Regents courses in, Earth Science, Biology,Chemistry, and Physics. Chittenango High School has an excellent science facility. Each set of two classrooms share a computer lab. The computer labs are all connected to the internet to allow student research. The computer labs provide students with an opportunity to experience new technology. At a recent engineering contest the cooperating engineers were impressed with the Chittenango students ability to integrate their classroom learning into their project design. Science Students at Chittenango are encouraged to participate in activities outside the classroom. They have participated in a wide range of activities including the Science Olympiad, Science Bowl, Sensis Engineering contest, Syracuse University Rocketry contest, Envirothon, Save our Streams, and the Chemistry Olympiad. We are two-time (2006-07) Sensis Engineering champions and are always reviewing new programs to offer our students. Students at Chittenango are provided with a great deal of opportunities to become successful science learners.

Harold Muller, 9-12 Chairperson
Chittenango High School

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