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Chittenango School District 
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  Bolivar Elementary Bridgeport Elementary
  Colleen Davis & Julie Baran Deborah Peterson-Smith
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Chittenango’s elementary school counselor’s work as a part of the school team with parents, teachers, administrators and the community to help create a caring atmosphere whereby students’ needs are meet through prevention, early identification and intervention.  The program is based on four major components:  Classroom Guidance, Counseling, Coordination, and Consultation.  The primary goal of the program is to promote and enhance student learning through the integration of three core areas of student development: academic, personal/social, and career development.    

Elementary school counselors help children succeed in school and life by teaching skills for learning, friendship, and health and safety. We strive to help children by promoting respect for self and others, wise decision-making, conflict resolution skills, and by practicing personal responsibility.  

What do elementary counselors do?
    * Classroom guidance lessons/activities k-5
    * Facilitate a variety of small group counseling programs throughout the year
    * Provide individual and crisis counseling support
    * Consult with school personnel to support student success
    * Assist and support parents
    * Provide community referrals
    * Serve on the BESST Team (Building Educator Support Team)
    * Here to promote success at school for all students

Who do counselor help and talk to?
      * Students        * Teachers      * Administrators      * Parents

Students meet with the counselor when:
•    Parents make a request
•    Students make a request
•    Administrators, teachers, school staff make a request

*We welcome and encourage all families to visit our individualized counseling web page(s) at each of the three elementary building sites for the most current and up-to-date information on group offerings, classroom guidance activities, and parent support programs and information.

Additional Elementary Counseling Resources and Supports

PIP-Partners in Prevention
Liberty Resources provides counseling service via their PIP Program.  PIP or Partners in Prevention Program is a school-based and home-based counseling service available at both Bridgeport and Lake Street Elementary schools.  The programs intent is to remove the non-academic barriers to a student success.

PIP service delivery is three-fold:
  • Family counseling:  PIP counselors meet regularly with the family to problem-solve issues.  Family work is viewed as the key ingredient for change.
  • Collaboration:  School, family, and PIP work together to identify goals and design a goal plan to promote change.
  • Individual counseling:  PIP counselors provide one-to-one counseling as needed.
  • Referrals forms are available in the school’s main office.  Parental permission is required for PIP services and will be obtained by the PIP counselor.
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