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Chittenango School District 
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Eva & Nathan duel with wands.
 Harry Potter club meets once a month.  We play Scene It, talk about the J.K. Rowling books and the Harry Potter movies, play games, do puzzles and compete for prizes.   Matt, Dan, Mason, and Eva
Top row from left to right: Nathan, Dan, Eva, Matt, Kaleigh, Nicolle
Bottom row from left to right: Marty, Akira, Mason
 Kaleigh and Nicolle attempt to out-charm each other.  Wands at the ready!
 Rachel channels Luna Lovegood while Andrew brings Hedwig to the party.  They have their wits about them.  Nathan, Mason, Akira, Leanna, Eva, Nicolle, and Rachel
 Harry Potter club 2010-2011  Leanna and Akira cast their spells.  Who will survive -Nathan or Mason?
 Nicolle and Rachel battle it out.  Watch out for the still life!  

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