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Chittenango School District 
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 Kalila L. shares the DVD and book by Stephenie Meyer while wearing a Twilight T-shirt.  The Twilight gang share all their merchandise.  Top from left to right: Allee S., Jesse A., Michaela L., Nicole Z., Kathleen S.  Bottom from left to right:  Michayla M., Adrianna N., Kalila L., Erica P., and Kaitlyn J.  Erica P. and Kalila L. read Twilight.
 Kaitlyn J. with an R-Patz poster.  Nicole Z. & Kathleen S.  Kathleen holds the new Scene It game.  Allee S., Jesse A., & Michaela L.
 Michayla M. & Adrianna N. admire a poster of the Twilight lovebirds.  Kathleen S. won the poster, which was donated by Mrs. Conden.  New Moon and Michaela L.  Kaitlyn J reads Eclipse while Nicole Z. & Kathleen S. begin Breaking Dawn.
 Kaitlin tries to be a scary vampire while Michayla tries to keep a straight face.  Stephenie Meyer wrote four books in the Twilight series:  Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn.  Watch out girls, vampire Allee is right behind you!
 Simulating a werewolf attack.  Kalila plays vampire to Kathleen's victim.  Watch out Kathleen!
 Oh no!  And, end of scene.  
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