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Chittenango School District 
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 Studio in Art students gather for a group photo.  The Everson Museum of Art is located on Harrison St. in downtown Syracuse, NY.  Maria D., Alex C., Jen C., Ameilee S., Shelby R., Laura K., and Shawnette S. smile for the camera.  Mary K. gets cozy with an outdoor sculpture at the Everson.
 Everyone is all smiles in anticipation of seeing great works of art inside the Everson.  They were there to see the Turner to Cezanne exhibition and were the very first group to see it.  Austin T. climbs the Henry Moore sculpture.  Jenny S. plays hide-and seek with a giant ceramic vessel.
 Friendship displayed by Mary K., Lexi E., and Nick H.  Paige W., Karlene B., and Tristan W.(Maria D., Jen C., Laura K., and Turner S. in back)  Alex C., Cheyanne L., Destiny, and Ellyssa T. at the Delavan Center
 Jonathan R. with two paintings displayed at the Delavan Center. Alicia K. and Malarie M. admiring art at the Delavan Center.  Will Mary K. exhibit artwork at the Delavan Center some day?  No doubt.
 Students learn how to show and sell artwork at the Delavan Center. Nathan M. with a landscape painting.  The Delavan Center is located on W. Fayette St. in Syracuse near Armory Square.
Students gather for a snapshot at Shaffer Art Gallery on S.U. campus.  They came to see the Winslow Homer exhibit.  Maria D., Mr. Kohler, Jen C., Laura K., Shelby R., and Shawnette S. enjoy the drizzle on the trail at Stone Quarry Hill Art Park.  Student seek to understand this sculpture of a series of bookshelves, which illustrates the lifespan of literature and its connection to nature.
 Outdoor sculpture at Stone Quarry Hill Art park  Shelby R. takes a moment to bond with nature.  Shelby R., Shawnette S., Nick H., Lexi E., Mary K., Laura K., Maria D., Jonathan R., and Paige W.
 Brittany G. and Alicia K. watch as Alex C. slips into a giant leaf sculpture.  How many Studio in Art students can fit inside a sculpture?  Answer: all of them!  Caged artists
 Claire C., Alanna P., Alicia K., Lindsay M., Malarie M., and Jenny S. become one with this organic metal sculpture.  Jenny S. is singing in the rain at Stone Quarry Hill Art Park.  Leah R. takes a break and hides from the Chittenango school bus.
 Group photo on a boulder at Stone Quarry Hill Art Park.  Ameilee S. walks into an installation at Stone Quarry Hill Art Park.  Alicia K. takes a photo (or is she texting how much fun she's having?) while Brittany G. tries to stay dry.
 A tree house-like sculpture.  No field trip is complete without the pre-requisite sticking out the tongue shot.  Here, Ellyssa T. offers the pose.  Hi-ho, hi ho, it's off to run through a sculpture we go....  Nick H. brings up the rear.
 One of many sculptures found at Stone Quarry Hill Art Park.  The outdoor sculpture park is in Cazenovia, NY.    

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