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Chittenango School District 
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Grafitti art: a circle map describing their summer vacations.  Paige R. created this frozen face based on Greek mythology.  Student work in Sullivan Library, Chittenango, NY Nov. - Dec. 2010
 Sullivan Library Community Room  Gabby B. & Kaitlyn O. pose with their masterpieces.  Students created a hand-written artist statement on colored paper.
 Graffitti drawings were done on brown paper to simulate mark making in cave paintings.  Frozen faces were sculpted in clay then painted with fluorescent paints.  Students used colored pencil and marker.  They learned about formal properties of art to make desicions for placement and siz relationships.
   The clay projects were created by studetns in Ms. Tashkovski's 1st semester 9th period Art-8 classes.  They are bas-reliefs.  A plate mold was used to create the base.  Students used the slab technique to make both the face and the plate.  Projects took four classes to craft and four classes to paint.  
 Some students outlined their faces with black paint.    These cases are in the main library by the front door.
   Each face is very unique.  They depict a person frozen in stone by Medusa.  
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