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Chittenango School District 
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 Students wrote artist statements to explain their artwork.  Pictures were drawn in pencil on brown paper, outlined in Sharpie marker and colored with colored pencil.
 This drawing is by Kyle S.  The drawings are visual representations of what they did on summer vacation.
 Students placed their names in the center of the work and drew clockwise as if they were creating a circle map.  They chose the color of the colored paper for the artist statement based on the colors of the artwork.
Students learned the principles of art - repeating colors and shapes created rhythm.   These clay projects depict faces as frozen by the mythological titan, Medusa.
 Some faces are happy. Some are sad.  Some are just weird.  But all had to have realistic facial features placed in the correct spots.  They are painted with fluorescent acrylics.  Students had to use all eight colors.  Black was optional.
 A color blocked face and a Mohawk  Paige R.
 Allison H.  
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