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Chittenango School District 
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 Dolan R.  Laila B. & Kanestio T.  Adriana N.
 The Lizards are made of clay.  Nathaniel M.  Students painted them with acrylic paint including metallics and fluorescents.
 Allison C.  Students added patterns using various tools.  The lizards are on display in the glass cases right by the front door to the library.
 Jonathan S., Eli G., Jordan N. & Abram M.  More lizards  Lizard drawings!  They are displayed in the Community Room.
 Seventeen students created lizard drawings.  Students learned about how to achieve rhythm in a work of art by repeating elements such as color, shape and line.  Students outlined their lizards with Sharpie markers.  Thicker lines around the animal to create contrast.
 Alex P. Different patterns are placed in each area.  Drawings are 12" x 18".
 Jake W.  Andrea L. & her mom.  Brooke C. & family
 Michaela L. poses with her artwork.  Michaela L., Taylor S., and Laila B.  Art Reception in the Community Room of Sullivan Library 
(November 13, 2011)
 Jared S. and Joseph D.  Andrea and her entourage  Hunter H. & family
 Sabrina B. & family  Children eat cupcakes and drink punch at the reception at Sullivan Library.  Joseph G's mom
 Kanestio T. & family  Kanestio T. shows off his clay lizard sculpture.  Hayley F. & family
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