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Chittenango School District 
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Sullivan Library Art Exhibit - December 2013 This is an exhibition of artwork created by Fall 2013 Art-8 students. These oil pastels are based on the work of Amedeo Modigliani.
The work is in the Community Room adjacent to the library. An artist reception was scheduled for December 8th, 2013. Some of the students created acrylic paintings depicting horses.
Horses were also created in metallic marker on brown kraft paper. The horse project was the SLO test. Some of the work was double hung.  There are over fifty students represented in the show.
All of the two dimensional artwork was framed in 16" x 20" glass frames. The metallic markered horses are based on Aboriginal Art.  
This work was featured on an easel.  It was created by Amanda F. The three dimensional works were displayed in glass cases inside the library. These clay plates use imagery from Katsushika Hokusai, a Japanese wood block print artist from the 1700s.
Styrofoam head forms were utilized to create these sculptures. The project is called Beauty & the Beast.  Students had to create a work of art with both beautiful and ugly imagery. Students painted the plates with fluorescent acrylic paint.
Maddie and Jacob's sculptures. Haley and Courtney's sculptures. Denise and Jessica's sculptures.
Coralee and Zachary's sculptures. Maizie and her mom stand next to her painting. Maizie and mom and dad!
Caleb S. and his parents in front of Caleb's drawing. Jessica S. with her brother and grandparents. Lillie B. with her clay project smiles along with her parents.
Kaylei B. and her mom Meghan S. with her parents.  Her drawing is behind them. James M. with his sister and mom.
Kaiden's grandparents enjoy the art show. Nolan and Isaiah joined the party. Shannon K. with her parents.
High school students supported their fellow artists. 8th and 9th graders stopped by for cupcakes and soft drinks. Kaiden W. with her mother.
Kaiden's drawing.    


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