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Chittenango School District 
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The art club took a field trip to the Everson Museum of Art on Tuesday, December 10, 2013. Students posed with the Henry Moore sculpture. We created a Christmas tree based on the Blue Dog by Louisiana based American Artist George Rodrigue.
The branches are paint brushes. Posing with our tree. The tree contained over 40 greeting cards.
There was so much to see -  everyone was in constant motion! Students posed near a giant butterfly sculpture. 28 students attended the trip.
Ethan pondering the art. Extreme close up. Taking pictures of the trees.
Gift shop items were half price! So much to see! Eric and his mom.
Smiling for the camera. Elliott takes it all in. There were five rooms filled with trees and wreaths.
Samantha ponders this clay basket. Going in different directions. Downstairs near the education room.
These clay wheels look like they are made of paper! Sales of the trees benefit the Everson's education program. The sign that accompanied our tree.
They colored all the dogs blue. Students added clothing and/accessories to their dogs. The greeting cards fit on both sides of the tree.
Some of the cards had a Christmas theme. Ms. Tash and Mrs. Conden with the tree. Sitting with our tree - it was located in front of the auditorium.
Students become one with the metal sculpture. Posing with our tree. Waiting for the bus back to Chittenango.


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