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Chittenango School District 
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Mary Kluscznik, CHS librarian, introduced the author.  Jason Chin spoke to the Studio in Art students in the CMS library on May 14, 2014. The intimate setting allowed for students to interact with the author/illustrator.  They asked great questions!
Jason is a 2001 graduate of Syracuse University. He worked in a children's book store in NYC while working on his first book. He has published several books; the most recent is called Gravity.  He writes the text and draws and paints the illustrations.
One books takes about a year to publish.  It goes through several changes before the completed manuscript is processed. Mr. Chin uses watercolor and gouche (an opaque type of watercolor). A visit from his neices inspired the last page of Gravity.  They are the girls at the lemonade stand.
Jason said doing what you love takes perserverence. His mother is an art teacher!  Drawing was always a part of his life. When he was in elementary school a woman who wrote and illustrated children's books came to his school.  She became his mentor and helped him achieve his dream of being a published author too!
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