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Chittenango School District 
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CMS 5/6 Band Long Tone Olympics

Throughout the winter, the 5th and 6th Grade in-person wind and brass students competed in the “Long Tone Olympics.” Each week students were given the chance to play a single note for as long as they could. Their attempts were timed on a stopwatch and recorded in a database. What seemed like a very easy task quickly became more challenging as each week the times continued to get longer and longer. Students worked on various techniques such as deep breathing, playing softly and using correct posture. As times started to go beyond 30 seconds, the Long Tone Olympics became a test not only of lung capacity and breath control, but also of mental toughness!
The 2021 Long Tones Olympics Medalists are:
5th Grade:
Gold – Jack Sylstra (54.60 sec.) *overall champion*
Silver – Anthony Thousand (41.84 sec.)
Bronze – Cameron Reed (38.38 sec.)
6th Grade: 
Gold - Keionnah Miller (41.17 sec.)
Silver – CJ Blair (37.90 sec.)
Bronze – Reagan Poland (37.87 sec.)

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