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Chittenango School District 
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CHS Presents Disney’s The Little Mermaid

Beautiful mermaid Ariel (Bella Lincoln, Alea Morris) is a passionate, headstrong teenager and wants what she cannot have -- to live on land. When she falls in love with the handsome human Prince Eric (Aiden Grenier), Ariel is more determined than ever to gain a pair of legs. But her only option is to defy her furious father, King Triton (Brandon Grenier), to bargain with Ursula the Sea Witch (Lillian Baker, Miranda Danaher), giving up her voice as payment for a human transformation. With the help of Flounder (Elijah Hoover), Scuttle the seagull (Will MacAlpine, Parker Schmidt), and officious court composer Sebastian the crab (Keagan Terry), Ariel must wordlessly gain the Prince’s love within three days -- or lose her soul to the ambitious witch!
The show also stars Thomas Torosian as the over-protective Grimbsy, Mersisters Allie Bartoszek, Mackenzie Byrne, Anna Chatwin, Abby Hoover, Amélie Rohlin, and Emma Stanek and Ursula’s conniving electric eels Flotsam and Jetsam (Maddy Douglas, Kaelyn Rudd). Featured in several parts throughout are Ana Barboussat, Francesca Bovo, Molly Douglas, Wesley Driscoll, Min Flynn, Quinn Freedman, Andi Furco-Wimmer, Alex Hubbs, Kassaundra LaMay, Isabella LaPointe, Austin Lauckarn, Matthew Lycett, MaKenzie Martinez, Jalynn Regner, Soloman Mullin, Hudson Schmidt, Sabrina Schultz. Also featured are a 20-piece live pit orchestra and full tech and stage crew.
Based on the classic Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, this wildly popular Disney adaptation will leave you humming the vibrant “Under the Sea,” the romantic expectation of “Kiss the Girl,” and that anthem to longing and belonging, “Part of Your World.” Show dates are March 23 & 24 at 7 pm and March 25 at 2 pm and 7 pm. You can purchase tickets by clicking HERE. Don’t wait – tickets are going fast! Life is the Bubbles under the sea!

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