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Chittenango School District 
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Nurse - Tracy Biedermann, R.N.                      
Phone - 315-687-2886

The district's School Health Services will be performing health screenings throughout the school year.  You will be notified of any abnormal findings in writing.
NYSED requires a physical exam for new entrants and students in Grades Pre-K or K, 1,3,5,7,9 & 11;  annually for interscholastic sports; and working papers as needed;  or as required by the  Committee on Special Education (CSE) or Committee on Pre-School Special Education (CPSE).
New Students - As of January 1, 2008, Public Health Law Section 2164 states that a certificate of immunization needs to be submitted for new and/or transfer New York State students within 14 calendar days. If from out of state, a certificate is needed within 30 calendar days. A physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner must sign the certificate of immunization. An official school health record can be transferred from another school, but must be accompanied by a copy of the health care provider immunization record.  New York State Health Law also requires physical exams for students new to the district. The physical examination cannot be more than twelve months prior to entrance to the school and signed by a licensed physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner. Please call the school nurse as listed above with any questions or concerns.

Click Here to Download a Physical Examination Form in PDF Format


Medications During School Hours - When it is necessary for a student to take medication (prescription or non-prescription) during the school day, the School Nurse in each building shall cooperate with the family in this matter following the guidelines listed below which are set forth by the New York State Education Department:

•A signed written request is required from the family physician indicating the name of the child and the reason for giving the medicine. This request must include the name of the medication, the frequency, dosage and time of the say to be given.  All medication must come to school in the original container.
•A signed written request from the parent is required to administer the medication as specified by the family physician.

•Medication must be delivered to school.  It may be brought to school by a parent/guardian or it may be packaged in a plastic bag with the student’s name written on it.  It can then be given to the student’s bus driver and he/she will deliver it to the school office. No medication is to be brought to school by a student.
•No medications are permitted in the classroom.

Click Here to Download a Medication Authorization Form in PDF Format

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