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Chittenango School District 
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Series 4000

4000 Instructional Goals.pdf
4010Equivalence in Instructional Staff and Materials.pdf
4100 Organization of Instruction.pdf
4110 School Calendar.pdf
4112 School Day.pdf
4200 Curriculum Development.pdf
4220 Pilot Projects.pdf
4240 Curriculum Guides and Course Outlines.pdf
4311.1 Display of the Flag.pdf
4311.1-R Display of the Flag Regulation.pdf
4313 Teaching About Religion.pdf
4314 Career Education.pdf
4315 Health Education.pdf
4315.1 Aids Instruction.pdf
4317 Teaching About Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco.pdf
4321 Programs for Students with Disabilities Under IDEA and Article 89.pdf
4321.1 Allocation of Space for Special Education Programs and Services.pdf
4321.2 Preschool Special Education.pdf
4321.3 Independent Educational Evaluations.pdf
4321.4 Providing Teachers and Service Providers Copies of a Student's Individual Education Program.pdf
4321.5 Special Education Personnel-New Policy Approved 2-10-09.pdf
4321.8 Impartial Hearing Officer Appointment and Compensation.pdf
4322 Programs for the Gifted and Talented.pdf
4324 Programs for Pregnant Students.pdf
4325 Compensatory Education.pdf
4326 Limited English Proficiency Instruction.pdf
4327 Homebound Instruction.pdf
4331 Summer School.pdf
4334.1 High School Credit for College Courses.pdf
4435 Doubling Up On Courses At The High School Level.pdf
4510 Instructional Materials.pdf
4511 Textbook Selection and Adoption.pdf
4513 Library Materials Selection.pdf
4526 Educational Technology Use.pdf
4531 Field Trips.pdf
4532 School Volunteers.pdf
4710 Grading Systems.pdf
4712 Student Progress Reports to Parents.pdf
4720 Testing Programs.pdf
4730 Homework.pdf
4740 Honor Rolls.pdf
4741 Class Rankings.pdf
4750 Promotion and Retention of Students.pdf
4751 Acceleration.pdf
4810 Teaching About Controversial Issues.pdf
4821 School Ceremonies and Observances.pdf
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